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An ancient fantasy play-to-earn MMORPG. Experience and profit from the blockchain & NFT integration.

A collection of 1120🐰that will bring value to the Elrond community. We are stronger together.

The final aim that we want to grasp is building our own Poker platform with Maiar integration.

Private Investing Re-Designed: ePAD Network Grow your portfolio — invest in projects pre-launch

The lights Begin to Shine

Florian Aron Anghel is a Romanian film director, producer and screenwriter, born August 28th 1982 in Fetesti, Romania. Florian left school at age 16 to produce and moderate a Rock’N’Roll Radio show, while also having entry-level jobs in Film & Advertising industry until 2005. After spending 5 years as a copywriter in the agencies, in 2010 Florian decided to migrate from writing TV&Radio Ads into writing, directing and producing films.


Let's shine together

Let's make a film company for decentralized original content in web 3.0

The future of everything is online. The future of online is web 3.0. I firmly believe that whoever will establish a solid project rooted in web 3.0 will not fail.
My long-term dream is to open a decentralized streaming platform for original content of TV Series and Movies that is owned by NFT&crypto users. Our streaming platform will act as a film lovers’ community with a strong social component integrated.
Imagine a Netflix + Facebook + IMDB combined all-in-one in web 3.0. Where we will be the first subscribers, but also the content creators.

500 NFT sales for associates&partners. Company founded, NFT owners as partners.

Preproduction & shootings for Age of Zalmoxis live-action epic game trailer.

Our tokenisation is launched (Elrond Film Token). Tokens locked for 1 year. 10% granted to shareholders.

Preproduction for "Ready or Not" feature.

Shooting the feature title "Ready or not..."

Launch Nosferatu NFT collection of 10k collection. Film development starts for "Nosferatu: Origins".

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Making of "Strigoi"


ROADMAP. Major highlights for Demiourgos Holdings

Grow Together. Earn Together.
Every earning this company makes will return 100% back to the blockchain community. Firstly as rewards for the shareholders and our film community. Secondary as instruments of investing for future projects.

Nothing comes easy. Success requires lots of work, especially teamwork. We start with baby steps and a solid plan for 5 years of business. We know exactly what we want and what are our goals in the mid and long term.

Year 5. Get listed on Stock Market (BvB) for capitalisation.
Year 4. Build our own Elrond Film Studios complex facilities.
Year 3. Launch our own Elrond streaming platform in web 3.0.
Year 2. Access European Funds. Build our first Soundstage 14x12X10 metres.
Year 1. Wrap our first movie “Ready or not…” Monetize it.


Mint our NFT & become a shareholder in Demiourgos Holdings

Everything starts with one NFT on Elrond Blockchain. A very limited edition of 500 pieces at 1.5 EGLD each. Whitelisted can mint at 1 EGLD within first 48 hours. All funds go into founding a shareholders company for decentralized original content creation in web 3.0

Every NFT owner will receive shares in our company Demiourgos Holdings. A total of 30% of the company shares will be divided equally among 500 NFTS owners.

After the company is founded, a legal certificate of ownership with each NFT owner’s shares will be sent to his email. His Maiar Wallet address is stated as a nominal shareholder.

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Importance of Cinema in society


Interview about "Dacian Wars" series.


Ambitious Medieval Drama shot in Romania

The future of cinema in Web 3.0

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